Digital Readout System (DC-3000 Series)

Digital Readout System (DC-3000 Series)

We offer Digital Readout System (DC-3000 Series), which shows excellent efficiency for 2D data processing. Perfect for measuring system with digital linear scales and video, the Digital Readout System (DC-3000 Series) can be easily connected to optical comparator, measuring microscope, video measuring system and other equipment for accurate readouts.


Hardware Specifications

  • Input voltage : AC 90V - 240V
  • Power consumption : Max. 15W
  • Dimension : 295mm x 185mm x 68mm
  • Weight : 1.49 kg
  • Linear scale signals : Orthogonal TTL square wave, frequency 2 MHZ,
  • Current : 1mA
  • Settable resolution : 0.1m 0.2m 0.5m 1m 2m 5m 10m

Software Functions

  • Conveniently axis skew and coordinate shift
  • Quick data retrieval by foot-switch and edge detector
  • Print out user program, graphic elements and displayed three-axis coordinates
  • Transfer current linear scale positions to PC by RS232
  • Graphic Element Storage: 100 permanent and 10 temporary
  • Record the measuring steps and the measure the same work pieces in batch quantity
  • Various coordinates displaying ways: Polar ,Cartesian, INC and ABS coordinates in Metric units or Imperial units
  • Measure, preset and construct the graphic elements such as
    • Point
    • Line
    • Circle
    • Angle
    • Distance
    • Rectangle
    • Thread and so on
  • Correction For: Linear error and segmental linear error
  • Connect with linear scale or rotary encoder with Z-axis