Glass Linear Encoder (LE Series)

The Glass Linear Encoder (LE Series) that we offer has signal wires with multiple layer braided net and stainless steel shade guards for resisting water and other interferences. With a rust-proof body that withstands many years of usage, this encoder is perfect for all types of machine and tool rooms.

Technical Specifications

Grating pitch 20 µm
Resolution 0.005 mm, 0.001 mm, 0.0005 mm (option)
Measuring length (ML) 50 mm~3,000mm
Output signal TTL square wave (std.) ; RS422 (option)
Accuracy ±( 5 + L/200 ) µm ; L: measuring length (mm)
Max. Response Speed 60 m/min (1 µm resolution)
Signal Cable 3.5 m for ML<1,200mm
5 m for 1,200<ML
Working temperature 0oC~+40oC
Storage temperature -20oC~+50oC