Digital Readout System (SW-4000 Series)

The Digital Readout System (SW-4000 Series) comprises various advanced features that make it easier to operate as compared to other DROs in the market. With multiple functions for positioning and metrology, Digital Readout System (SW-4000 Series) is ideal for various types of machine tools.


Hardware Specifications

  • Input voltage : AC 90V - 240V
  • Power consumption : Max. 15W
  • Dimension : 295mm x 185mm x 45mm
  • Weight : 1.45 kg
  • Linear scale signals : Orthogonal TTL square wave, frequency 2 MHZ,
  • Current : 1 mA
  • Resolution Selection : 0.1m, 0.2m, 0.5m, 1m, 2µm, 5m, 10m,
  • 20m, 50m

Software Functions

  • Coordinate zero setting
  • ½ calculation to locate work piece center
  • Error compensation : linear compensation
  • ABS/ INC conversion, Diameter/ Radius selection
  • Shrink function
  • DIR : Setting the coordinate direction
  • Rotary Encoder : 10.0001o
  • Instant power failure memory
  • RI detection : setting and recalling a datum for machining
  • Multiple machining functions
    • Bolt Circle machining
    • R-angle
    • Divide holes on an oblique line
    • Machining on an oblique line

Order number

  • Arc machining , Ramp machining (SW4000-2, SW4000-3)
  • EDM machining (SW-4000-E)
  • Edge detecting, Lathe function (optional)